Very specific and detailed these tracks offer a large selection of TV theme tracks, signature tunes and general pieces that we’d like to think could be used as Television opening and closing titles as well as detailed identity themes. They are relatively tuneful by nature and some may be familiar as they have been used for just that job. Despite this being a relatively large collection, there are more tracks that fit this brief in the library which you can find by selecting specific searches using the search tool or simply randomly playing with the categories to see what you can find.

Composers: David Cooke
Affairs of The Heart
Original Mix
324907LT 01:29
Original Mix
308517EV 05:39
Counter Measures
Original Mix
330159EQ 00:35
Fantasy Roulette
Original Mix
301168CU 04:21
Original Mix
306480GU 03:25
Gospel Stops
Original Mix
324907FS 01:50
Heaven’s Way
Original Mix
324372CQ 03:06
Occasional Tables
Original Mix
302249AP 02:48
Pop O Clock
Original Mix
301929EU 02:49
Saturday Screentime
Original Mix
324907KW 03:55
Original Mix
307250FR 02:09
Sporting Dramatics
Original Mix
369155GT 01:40
Staying Cool
Original Mix
338933HT 01:42
Sunrise Morning
Original Mix
308895DQ 01:46
Those Happy Daze
Original Mix
306480AM 02:56
Time for Elevenses
Original Mix
324907LQ 02:35
Victory Bake Up
Original Mix
301928LU 03:06
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