From the weird up-pitched opening through to the strong main theme, this piece offers excellent variety for TV, Radio, corporate, presentation and titles. Featuring a fantastic Mikey Haughton sax, there are three main theme sections, three longer underscore menu pieces and two ending sections, each offering different feel, instrumentation and texture. A complete full package

Original Mix
330159EQ 00:35
Alt Mix 1 No Saxophone Fills
330159ER 00:35
Alt Mix 2 Piano and Guitars No Sax or Brass
330159ES 00:35
Alt Mix 3 Sax Guitar Menu Underscore
330159ET 01:09
Alt Mix 4 Guitar Menu Underscore
330159EU 01:09
Alt Mix 5 Percussion and Drums Menu Underscore
330159EV 01:09
Alt Mix 6 Saxophone End Titles
330159EW 01:15
Alt Mix 7 Saxophone End Titles Version 2
330159FM 01:15
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