A relaxed retro vibe, with Piano offering nice fills around building string pads. Pop o’clock usually the opening time for Pop and relaxing conversations. So many great alternative mixes here, that offer choice, colour and the perfect mix.

Original Mix
301929EU 02:49
Alt Mix 1 No Piano Topline
301929EV 02:49
Alt Mix 2 No Percussion or Piano Topline
301929EW 02:49
Alt Mix 3 No Percussion with Piano Topline
301929FM 02:49
Alt Mix 4 Pads with Piano Topline
301929FN 02:49
Alt Mix 5 Pads no piano Topline
301929FP 02:49
Alt Mix 6 Guitars with Piano Topline
301929FQ 02:49
Alt Mix 7 Guitars only
301929FR 02:49
Alt Mix 8 Guitars with Percussion
301929FS 02:49
Alt Mix 9 Pianos only
301929FT 02:49
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