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Why is Topline different from other Production Music Companies?

Topline is not a publisher. It is a facility that simply curates and hosts music on behalf of the Copyright owner. Each writer connected with Topline owns their music and can license it as a single writer through our web portal.

Why does this matter?

Because Topline is not a Publisher, it does not own any of the copyright. We believe that the copyright owner should benefit from the license and performing fees. Therefore the composer / owner of the copyright will earn 100% of the Performing royalties (PRS) and 60% of the license fees charged through Topline.

What does Topline take for this?

Topline will take 40% of the license fee. The Copyright owner will then be paid the remaining 60%.

What would the subscriptions be?

The subscriptions would be directly negotiated between Topline and the writer / composer / producer. It would depend on the amount of tracks, length of time in the catalogue,  and the profile each contributor would like to achieve. It’s all up for negotiation and at any time, the creative contributor has the right to have their material removed, edited or changed if they don’t like what’s happening with it.

Would it be exclusive?

No, it’s your work. You should own it and be free to work with whomever you believe is best representing your work. Writers would be free to remove their music at any time.

What are the main advantages of this approach?

We feel that we want to facilitate and assist new composers, writers and producers, to earn their way in the business. Therefore, alongside the subscriptions, we feel that each contributor has an obligation and hopefully a creative desire to advertise, market and exploit their personal catalogue. So rather than a publisher being expected to market the catalogue taking 50% of the rights to do this (!?) we feel it will be down to the individual creatives within Topline to market themselves. Therefore we offer a considerably higher royalty rate; and we give you the tools to make this easy.

Is any of this up for discussion?

Of course. Just get in touch and we can do coffee, cake and creative chatting.

Is PRS for music involved anywhere in this?

We have had three clear choices: 1)  Become a music publishing company.  2)  License our own music directly. 3)  Negotiate with PRS for Music so that we could create, for the very first time, a Single-Writer-License-Member’ (trips off the tongue eh?) So far, so good.
After almost two years of very odd, frustrating, laborious and, at times, confusing discussions with the societies, we decided that we would license our music directly, at least in the short term.
We are however hoping that, in time, we can agree terms with PRS / MCPS for them to represent the catalogue and we can license directly through them thus creating this rather long winded but revolutionary new title.
This will mean that each writer would be able to license their own compositions directly with PRS / MCPS, via Topline, (as long as they are members of MCPS) and take advantage of the facilities that only the publishing companies could do previously. It does remove the necessity of publishers, and the admin, and places the incentive firmly into the copyright owners hands to market and exploit their own catalogue alongside Topline.
But for now, while we wait for the corporates to update their antiquated and incomprehensible systems, we will be licensing the music directly here.

Could I not do this on my own?

I guess you could, but as we’ve done all the work setting it up, providing easy to use templates to upload your biography, cv and musical works, it would simply be more work for you, and less time to be composing your next masterpiece. You decide.

What is ‘The Topline Invitation’?

Instead of accepting  vast amounts of submissions, tracks, songs, instrumentals and themes from every writer on the planet, we are starting a new idea of ‘Invitation only’  whereby we invite creatives to submit material to us. We will create five very specific invitations each month. These invitations will be sent out to composers, musicians and producers to submit their own material to us. From there we will catalogue and register the music and add it to the Topline Library.
Each successful creative will also have the opportunity to have their own profile and links within Topline

Why only Five Invitations?

You may think that five invitations every month is a little small but we want to be able to add value rather than volume. We also want to make sure that the material that makes its way to Topline is the best it can be and that we can spend the right amount of time working on and marketing the new material.
Once we have reached the allotted invitations for that month, there will be no more until the next invitation period.
The invitations will include details of  new styles, genres and moods that Topline would like to add, as well as artist profiles and how each creative can market their own material within Topline.
In order to receive your Invitation, or you feel you have some music that is really worth hearing please write to [email protected]

How do I Navigate and find tracks?

Once you land on the Home page, you will see a large display of categories.  Starting with the Topline Collections, we have selected several tracks for you based on general titles; Country, Songs, Guitars, Drama, etc etc. If you want to listen to several tracks in any of the collections, then that’s what you can do. Then you will see Moods, Styles, Genres, Instruments, Productions and Colours. Depending on your choices, requirements, moods and anything else simply click on anything you see that may be close to your specific search. Hopefully you’ll be lucky and you can then move on to licensing the track or selection of tracks. If you can’t find what you’re looking for we can help. Just let us know what you need and we can do you a special bundle or collection that matches your search. If nothing works and you cant find anything here, before you go elsewhere, give us a try at our Bespoke-Super-Personal-service and we can discuss to the last bar, crotchet and semi-quaver what it is you want. Here’s our  ‘Get in touch direct and we’ll be talking in seconds’ button.

What are Collections?

We wanted to add Collections so we could offer a choice of tracks as if they were albums. “The Album is dead, long live the Album” is the ongoing conundrum. Most libraries and streaming facilities still use the Album as a trusted familiar format. But we also believe that the power is in the individual track and to that end, it’s just as important to customers build your collection this way. So we have our Collections as examples of this.

One really cool feature is that you can hit the play button in the middle of the main picture within Collections, and the tracks will play one after the other. Kinda like streaming, so you can listen and get a good feel for the tracks in that particular Collection.

We can also build you a custom Collection so please let us know.

Recently, most of the Collections have been made available for streaming on your favourite streaming platform. Simply search for TOPLINE COLLECTIONS or Dave Cooke and they will appear for your listening pleasure.

What are the licensing options?

We have three main licensing choices;

  1.  Topline Direct  is the basic license and costs £9.99 per track.
  2.  Topline PRO  is a professional license for those working in the industry requiring to license music for commercial use.
  3.  Topline PRO+ is a specific license for TV,  Advertising or specific usage that requires a special rate. This would require getting in touch and a short friendly chat to see what you need and for how long.
What happens if I can’t find what I’m looking for?

We can help by compiling a specific collection for you, or failing that, write you something gorgeous and exact to match your particular requirements. Simply send us an email

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