Terms & Conditions – Topline Style

(Sorry, but we have to do this.) 

Copying, broadcasting, hiring, lending, retail, public performance and unauthorised synchronisation use of our music is totally prohibited.

The copyright and master rights of all the music on this website are owned by Topline Music Ltd. Any breach of our terms and conditions, we reserve the right to take further action which we would really hate to do.

All of our licences are handled by Topline Music Ltd. Please apply for the appropriate license using the links provided.

We also want to avoid corporate nonsense that’s unreadable and riddled with additional incomprehensible clauses so we hope you get what we’re about here. 

If there are things that you’re not clear about, or need to check, just get in touch.

If you are unsure about any aspect of our music use or you can’t figure out how to license the music, get in touch.

Topline Music is the first music library service that is not a traditional publishing company. It hopes in time to have agreements with PRS/MCPS for them to issue licenses for the specific music you require. Meanwhile we are licensing the music directly from Topline. To that end, you must provide all details relating to the tracks especially writer/composer credits, tune codes, track titles, alternative mixes etc, and send copies to Topline. You will be required to fill in a music cue sheet. Please send a copy of the completed cue sheet to [email protected]

We have music cue sheet templates available to download here.

The Music is owned by the copyright holders and to that end they will receive the major chunk of the payments both for licensing and performing royalties.

Downloading Policy

In order to download and use music from our site, you agree to follow your legal obligation to obtain the correct license.

It is against the law to download and use music from our site without applying for the correct license for the usage required.

If you require clarification or you would like to discuss a specific usage, then get in touch with us directly.

Changes to your production

If you need to use several tracks in your production(s), these need to be itemised separately on the cue sheet. 

As you will see on any given track, we have provided alternative mix options. 

Most of these are specific and bespoke versions and not stems or simple reductions. You may find that you want all versions of any specific track. These have to be licensed and logged separately.

Downloading and Audio files 

All Topline files are auditioned using MPEG Audio File @192 kbps. Please do not try to steal, pirate or download these. We will know and we will take action!

Download the full Wav file at 48kHz/24 bit (or 44.1kHz depending on the master) plus a high band MP3 file @ 320 kbps. It’s that easy.

We think that covers it but if you for any reason want it another way then let us know.

We are here to help. If there is anything that you require to make your choice of music easier, simpler and stress free we want to know.

Topline can be contacted at [email protected]

We hold the right to change, amend, update or add to these Terms and Conditions as and when, at any time, and we will announce any changes on the website when we do.


Topline Music enforces a strict privacy policy which is available by clicking here.

Additional Information

Topline Music is not a Publisher and therefore doesn’t share any of the copyright. The writers own all of their copyright and to that end have the right to remove their music after an agreed time from Topline, if they wish to have it used elsewhere. Specific splits of performing royalties are the responsibility of the copyright holders.

Topline will take 40% of the license fee to cover administration and work done on the catalogue. The copyright holder will receive the remaining 60% and 100% of the Performing Royalties.  If you don’t agree with this then don’t submit your music to us.

Topline reserve the right to increase and negotiate any subscription fees, and special prices with any Copyright Holder or contributor.

Should the subscription fees not be payable then Topline reserve the right to remove the music immediately.

Topline Music Ltd reserves the right to negotiate with any interested Third Party at any time to make arrangements for the catalogue to be sold and published and the writers to sign specific publishing agreements with said Third Party to include schedules of works and mutually agreeable percentages.

Final Chapter

We want you to be happy. So if there is anything you want by way of a specific music brief, bespoke tracks, variations on mixes, cut downs, stings, jingles, mnemonics, full scores, songs, or as yet unwritten masterpieces we’d love to hear from you.

If you don’t agree with, or have any issue with, these Terms and Conditions, please don’t register or use the website. We really don’t want it to get messy!

Thank you if you’ve read this far.

That concludes the terms and conditions from Topline Music.

Now go buy some music! 

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