Inspired by the original TV series, music written by Dave Cooke, this rather wacky yet respectful piece pays homage to the superhero and his capers. The fusion between the original and now creates some interesting grooves which offers an evocative journey alongside some good and practical underscore sections. Five further additional mixes throw more fun into the Banana Pie including a version with no retro track and just the dance groove.

Original Mix
308517EV 05:39
Alt Mix 1 Keyboards and Original Track
308517EW 05:39
Alt Mix 2 Drums and Keys no original track
308517FM 05:39
Alt Mix 3 Original Track
308517FN 05:39
Alt Mix 4 Drums and Percussion
308517FP 05:39
Alt Mix 5 Full Mix with Lower Original Track
308517FQ 05:39
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