A great all purpose TV underscore theme, perfect for movie trailers, consumer issues, dates, times and events. A massive nine additional mixes offer a greater choice for moods, underscore and completely different textures.

Original Mix
306480GU 03:25
Alt Mix 1 Piano and Drumloop
306480GV 03:25
Alt Mix 2 Solo Piano
306480GW 03:25
Alt Mix 3 Piano Bass and Drums
306480HM 03:25
Alt Mix 4 Piano Bass Drums and Guitars
306480HN 03:25
Alt Mix 5 Guitars Bass Drums and Synths
306480HP 03:25
Alt Mix 6 Piano Guitars and Keyboard
306480HQ 03:25
Alt Mix 7 Guitar and Keyboard
306480HR 03:25
Alt Mix 8 Piano and Keys
306480HS 03:25
Alt Mix 9 Drums Keyboards and Bass
306480HT 03:25
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