A Gospel Vamp that would find its way in any happy, exuberant, joyous gathering. Plenty of church Hammond organ and drum fills, to provide open loops and space for the perfect underscore as well as an evocative and easy theme. In addition, there are several short and medium length stings, stabs and segments so that the preacher can walk on and off the platform with the minimum of silence. They also work for end of, and beginning of, any TV section, Daytime TV or Entertainment show.

Original Mix
324907FS 01:50
Alt Mix 1 Short Sting
324907FT 00:06
Alt Mix 2 Short Sting
324907FU 00:06
Alt Mix 3 Short Sting
324907FV 00:06
Alt Mix 4 Short Sting
324907FW 00:06
Alt Mix 5 Medium Sting
324907GM 00:10
Alt Mix 6 Medium Sting
324907GN 00:07
Alt Mix 7 Medium Sting
324907GP 00:07
Alt Mix 8 Slow Sting
324907GQ 00:12
Alt Mix 9 Slow Sting
324907GR 00:15
Alt Mix 10 Slow Sting
324907GS 00:18
Alt Mix 11 Slow Sting
324907GT 00:15
Alt Mix 12 Gentle Sting
324907GU 00:15
Alt Mix 13 Gentle Sting
324907GV 00:16
Alt Mix 14 Shorter Sting
324907GW 00:03
Alt Mix 15 Shorter Sting
324907HM 00:03
Alt Mix 16 Shorter Sting
324907HN 00:03
Alt Mix 17 Underscore with Electric Guitar
324907HP 01:00
Alt Mix 18 Underscore with Acoustic Guitar
324907HQ 01:00
Alt Mix 19 Underscore with Piano
324907HR 01:00
Alt Mix 20 Underscore with Organ
324907HS 01:00
Alt Mix 21 Underscore no Topline
324907HT 01:00
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