A fruity little romp that started out as a warm up exercise for guitar to get into the mood for playing gigs and help speed up the chops. Featuring initially simply acoustic guitars and solo violin topline we decided to add some more stuff to flesh it out and then kept adding. We’ve included variations including the original idea plus a few others to offer a nice all round bundle. The perfect tune for a travel or happy underscore feature.

Original Mix
576727DR 02:08
Alt Mix 1 Guitars and Violin
576727DS 02:08
Alt Mix 2 Guitars Violin Accordion and Bass
576727DT 02:08
Alt Mix 3 Guitars Drums and Bass
576727DU 02:08
Alt Mix 4 Violin Accordion Drums and Bass
576727DV 02:08
Alt Mix 5 Growing Mix
576727DW 02:08
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