We have here a great collection of news tracks. perfect for the TV or Radio news, news and current affairs, underscore for anything basically Newsworthy.
We’ve gone for the typical, big strings and high energy, to the not so obvious but effective and urgent. Although there is a good selection here you may decide that you’d like something more specific and detailed. Simply use the bespoke link and we can talk further. If you decide on any of these tracks simply hit the forward arrow for more mixes and variations.

Composers: David Cooke
Aktual News
Original Mix
306480BT 00:19
Broken Promises
Original Mix
337368HN 02:15
Conducting Orchestral Robots
Original Mix
344951BN 00:56
Driving Formula
Original Mix
330159DT 01:45
Front Page Shout
Original Mix
334863GM 00:20
Hefty News
Original Mix
301168BP 03:23
Insider Story
Original Mix
437332KR 00:58
News Reviews and Cues
Original Mix
334313AW 00:50
Soapy Soap Reveal
Original Mix
331920CV 02:21
Standard News
Original Mix
437332KQ 00:30
Superhero News
Original Mix
344951CM 01:13
Twenty Four Hour Reporting
Original Mix
334860EW 03:14
Urgent O Clock
Original Mix
334860FR 02:30
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