A heavy news track with driving guitars. Check out the other mixes with cut downs, jingle lengths, a round and round menu track, and a version with a mighty sax playing the Topline, known as ‘Hefty SAX News’.

Original Mix
301168BP 03:23
Alt Mix 1 No Drums
301168BQ 03:23
Alt Mix 2 Pads with drums no Pianos
301168BR 03:23
Alt Mix 3 Pads only
301168BS 03:23
Alt Mix 4 Full Track no Pads
301168BT 03:23
Alt Mix 5 Piano Strings and Guitars
301168BU 03:23
Alt Mix 6 Rock Mix
301168BV 03:23
Alt Mix 7 Cut down 1
301168BW 00:30
Alt Mix 8 Cut down 2
301168CM 00:30
Alt Mix 9 Cut down 3
301168CN 00:30
Alt Mix 10 Cut down 4
301168CP 00:30
Alt Mix 11 Round and Round Menu
301168CQ 02:48
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