A full on News bundle that includes opening and closing titles, round and round menu loops, and various ins and outs for the perfect News and Current Affairs broadcast. If there are specific cuts or mixes that aren’t here, just let us know

Original Mix
334313AW 00:50
Alt Mix 1 Shorter Midsection
334313BM 00:29
Alt Mix 2 Round and Round Section
334313BN 01:20
Alt Mix 3 Main Opening Theme
334313BP 00:10
Alt Mix 4 Top and Tail
334313BQ 00:20
Alt Mix 5 Long End
334313BR 00:10
Alt Mix 6 Short Menu to Theme
334313BS 00:36
Alt Mix 7 Variation Menu to Theme
334313BT 00:46
Alt Mix 8 Short Menu to Theme
334313BU 00:30
Alt Mix 9 Rounds to Opening Theme
334313BV 00:20
Alt Mix 10 Opening with Short End
334313BW 00:20
Alt Mix 11 Triple Opening Theme
334313CN 00:20
Alt Mix 12 Short Sting
334313CP 00:05
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