A Collection that features Dramatic, Tension, TV and Film underscore and featured tracks perfect for all forms of Dark Moods, chases and premeditated skulduggery. These tracks were all written and produced by Dave Cooke and represent a small handful of tracks of this genre. You can find more by using the Categories on the home page and discovering all the delights there. Equally fun and rewarding are the alternative mixes that accompany each of these original mixes. Be afraid, but not so much that you forget to license them!

Composers: David Cooke
A Shade of Circles
Original Mix
306480FP 02:32
Cafe Retromatic
Original Mix
301929CW 04:00
Dangerous Secret X
Original Mix
301173AU 03:17
Danish Exchange
Original Mix
306479EW 01:52
Extension Overload
Original Mix
314163DQ 03:26
Fractured Voice
Original Mix
301928LR 03:02
Lose Change
Original Mix
308894HW 03:06
Original Mix
300036HT 03:31
Red Sky Dreams
Original Mix
302250LQ 03:15
Reign of The Knights
Original Mix
301172LU 03:54
Sandy Wedges
Original Mix
302249DP 04:03
Train of Thought
Original Mix
308894ES 04:24
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