Throughout this library probably the most used description is Underscore. It can mean many things and be applied to many applications. Here we have selected a small number of tracks we feel are the perfect underscore and would fit in almost any and all scenarios. Great tracks that don’t interfere or get in the way, they sit under the action undisturbed and noticed but always adding to the overall production. More alternative mixes are available by simply clicking on the forward arrow on any of the tracks that will reveal more details and variations.

Composers: David Cooke
April Shower
Original Mix
432523CR 03:04
Art Voyager
Original Mix
338934AM 02:12
Original Mix
442802GQ 03:41
Cheesy Pudding
Original Mix
306509HN 02:55
Distant Satin Days
Original Mix
447460GT 03:33
Familiar Faces
Original Mix
341699HP 02:19
Fountain Of Wishes
Original Mix
437332GV 03:37
Lazy Lavante
Original Mix
307248BU 03:11
Pad Perfect
Original Mix
447460HR 04:09
Slow Boat to Chiswick
Original Mix
305808FS 02:33
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