An unashamed romantic ballad that weaves through familiar motifs and melodic interludes underpinned by full strings. The piano continues throughout with keyboards and voice synthesis alongside oboes, flutes and clarinets adding additional melodic content. The alternative mixes also are variations on the main theme with perfect options for underscore and more choices.

Original Mix
442802GQ 03:41
Alt Mix 1 Piano Strings and Woodwind
442802GR 03:41
Alt Mix 2 Strings and Woodwind
442802GS 03:41
Alt Mix 3 Piano and Keyboards
442802GT 03:41
Alt Mix 4 Keyboards
442802GU 03:41
Alt Mix 5 Keyboards and Strings
443372DN 03:41
Alt Mix 6 Piano and Woodwind
442802GV 03:41
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