A strong sax led news identity theme. All of the other Aktual news mixes and jingles are based on this theme. A variety of lengths and underscores are here under additional mixes.

Original Mix
306480BT 00:19
Alt Mix 1
306480BU 00:19
Alt Mix 2
306480BV 00:19
Short Sting 1
306480BW 00:07
Short Sting 2
306480CM 00:07
Round and Round Menu 1
306480CN 02:00
Round and Round Menu 2
306480CP 01:20
Alt Mix 3
306480CQ 00:20
Alt Mix 4
306480CR 00:20
End Sting 1
306480CS 00:14
End Sting 2
306480CT 00:14
End Sting 3
306480CU 00:14
End Sting 4
306480CV 00:14
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