A Collection of tracks written especially around a Kid’s theme. From the rather jingle jangle jolly fun tracks to the evocative solo piano. Written and produced by Dave Cooke who has been known to write a few Children’s iconic TV programmes. To me, To you!

Composers: David Cooke
Avoid The Void
Original Mix
299976EP 04:10
Original Mix
308517EV 05:39
Countdown Cycles
Original Mix
299976ET 03:12
Fun Down Under
Original Mix
324908AR 01:38
Funked Up Bikes
Original Mix
318211GV 02:45
Jungle Jugglers
Original Mix
318978AQ 03:17
Lucky Thirteen
Original Mix
318978CT 02:34
Playtime Pavilion
Original Mix
324030FM 03:10
Scratchy Wiggler
Original Mix
308517LP 02:00
The Treehouse
Original Mix
318978EN 02:27
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