A wacky, funky-esque track with bike effects, acoustic and electric guitars and organ topline. A great and perfect underscore with useful hit points with the electric guitar phrases. There are six additional mixes including a version without the bike effects and reduced mixed for just the groove. If you want the bike effects only, let us know! (Goodness knows why you would)

Original Mix
318211GV 02:45
Alt Mix 1 Band Mix No Bike Effects
318211GW 02:45
Alt Mix 2 Rhythm Track No Electric Guitar or Organ
318211HM 02:45
Alt Mix 3 Guitars and Drums
318211HN 02:45
Alt Mix 4 Keyboards and Drums
318211HP 02:45
Alt Mix 5 Keyboards Effects and Guitars
318211HQ 02:45
Alt Mix 6 Keyboards and Guitars
318211HR 02:26
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