Jungle Jugglers is an adventure. Starting with moody pads, strings and atmospheric sounds and moving into a drum groove that builds gradually into the main theme. Then the underscore which features electric guitar riffs, sax and percussion. Ending with the climax of the main theme to play out the final reveal. Also included are eight additional mixes most of which are various cut downs from the original each featuring different instrumentation.

Original Mix
318978AQ 03:17
Alt Mix 1 Percussion and Pads
318978AR 03:17
Alt Mix 2 Percussion Pads with Topline Guitar and Sax
318978AS 03:17
Alt Mix 3 Pads Introduction
318978AT 00:32
Alt Mix 4 Pads and Topline Sax and Guitar
318978AU 02:05
Alt Mix 5 Pads
318978AV 02:05
Alt Mix 6 Pads and Main Theme
318978AW 02:10
Alt Mix 7 Percussion
318978BM 02:45
Alt Mix 8 Drums and Bass with Topline Sax and Guitar
318978BN 02:45
BPM: 120
Keys: C
Signature: 4/4
Composers: David Cooke
Genre: Media
Production: Animation
Style: Dramatic
Colour: Green
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