A fun filled jolly little tune led primarily by Mister Ukulele and happily followed by Mister Banging-on-all-things. Little Miss Guitar and Reggie Recorder follow in line to produce this charming theme. There are a staggering seven additional mixes that offer so much more, and if desired, we could even provide lyrics so it becomes a full-blown animation song. Hurrah!

Original Mix
308517LP 02:00
Alt Mix 1 Ukulele Mix no Recorder
308517LQ 02:00
Alt Mix 2 Ukulele Guitars and Recorder
308517LR 02:00
Alt Mix 3 Ukulele Recorder Bass and Drums
308517LS 02:00
Alt Mix 4 Ukulele Guitars Recorder and Keys
308517LT 02:00
Alt Mix 5 Drums Bass and Keys
308517LU 02:00
Alt Mix 6 Drums Bass Keys and Recorder
308517LV 02:00
Alt Mix 7 Ukulele Bass and Guitars
308517LW 02:00
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