Music to accompany anything travel or journey, this Collection of tracks is a varied and eclectic selection of tracks tracks. Some slow and moody and some with pace and energy. They can be used as featured tracks by way of title music or simply as underscores to glue together motion, montage and travelling sequences. The most useful element is that each track has alternative mixes provided to offer more colour texture and choice. Simply click on the forward arrow on any of the tracks and you’ll be offered more additional material as well as the specific details of the tracks.

Composers: David Cooke
Behind The Scenes
Original Mix
442802FU 02:33
Birds On The Wing
Original Mix
433376HV 02:03
Crossrail Way
Original Mix
324372BV 02:00
Exotic Caravan
Original Mix
377402HS 03:56
Island Dreams
Original Mix
389331GW 03:08
Journey for Tears
Original Mix
302250FW 04:12
Lands By The Sea
Original Mix
390267AR 03:26
Orchard Symphonies
Original Mix
418563ET 01:49
Safe Harbour
Original Mix
390267AV 01:33
Southern Travellers Handbook
Original Mix
328407LP 03:00
Techno Express
Original Mix
324372CN 01:42
Times Square
Original Mix
380919EW 03:12
Wheels Of Sunshine
Original Mix
442802HR 02:51
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