A colourful collection of Horror, dark, spooky and pastiche scares. What we like about this selection is the range of colours and textures with some not too predictable. Should you decide to explore further simply click on the forward arrow which will take you to that specific track and all it’s variations and different mixes.

Composers: David Cooke
Damage Limitation
Original Mix
340606GW 07:14
Dark Mirrors
Original Mix
347700FR 04:21
Dark Wood Walk
Original Mix
340606HP 02:19
Darkened Glass
Original Mix
340606GU 04:21
Empty Oblivion
Original Mix
449711KV 03:25
Eyes Beneath The Surface
Original Mix
390267BM 03:22
Haunted Climber
Original Mix
449711HS 03:36
Hypnotic Woodlands
Original Mix
306479HW 01:53
Nervous Bouncer
Original Mix
324031AT 03:44
Ominous Trousers
Original Mix
324031BP 02:03
Polar Darkness
Original Mix
343526LQ 03:02
Spooky Behaviour
Original Mix
369155LU 07:29
State Policy
Original Mix
343526LU 04:08
Toxic City
Original Mix
380919DW 03:54
We Believe
Original Mix
331170DN 03:20
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