A Collection of dark, ominous, mysterious and murderous tracks perfect for the dangerous dramas and conspiracy theories. All of these themes feature the Original Mix but include many additional mixes that, in their own right, offer even more for underscore and featured themes.

Composers: David Cooke
Blind Justice
Original Mix
323149FR 03:10
Brain Drain
Original Mix
342443EQ 02:52
Core Access
Original Mix
337368GS 03:55
Dangerous Alliance
Original Mix
338207FP 01:33
Descending Dark
Original Mix
337728EM 02:04
Mysterious Manoeuvres
Original Mix
318978DR 02:31
Overloaded Sequences
Original Mix
334863GT 01:41
The Dark Promise
Original Mix
341741BQ 03:00
The Edge of Conspiracy
Original Mix
331919KP 02:38
Winter Adrenaline
Original Mix
337368HU 04:11
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