A series of short symphonic pieces using a small orchestra that evokes memories of childhood, innocence and happiness with a tinge of longing and remembering. Additional versions include arrangements with woodwind and piano, piano and strings and solo strings. The main theme here is with full orchestra. Another theme in the library called The Treehouse carries this theme played on a different piano with slight changes throughout.

Original Mix
418563ET 01:49
Alt Mix 1 Strings
418563EU 01:49
Alt Mix 2 Strings and Woodwind
418563EV 01:49
Alt Mix 3 Strings and Piano
418563EW 01:49
Alt Mix 4 Piano Solo
418563FM 01:49
Alt Mix 5 Piano and Woodwind
418563FN 01:49
Alt Mix 6 Full Mix with Intense Piano
418563FP 01:49
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