A Collection of fine, trashy, stoned, grubby blues tracks. Created by the legend that is Matt Hay and surgically altered by Dave Cooke, these exciting pieces represent all that is great and British in The Blues. With unapologetic references throughout, we feel these have a real reason to be and are exceptionally versatile in their applications.

Boogy McBoogyface
Original Mix
341643BS 03:12
City Rockers
Original Mix
329757ER 03:52
Electro Light Blues
Original Mix
335767LU 03:05
Serious Periphery Riffs
Original Mix
331920DP 02:11
Shuffle Kerfuffle
Original Mix
331919GQ 02:45
Stoned Rollers
Original Mix
329757DT 02:54
Swampy Creature Blues
Original Mix
331919GV 03:05
White Van Road Blues
Original Mix
337364FM 02:50
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