From the outset this theme offers a positive and optimistic feel, bouncing through a great progression with electric guitar Topline throwing some well formed shapes and licks by the wonderful Matt May. Nicely underpinned with a great drum loop, bass and piano it evolves through variations on a theme. The additional mixes also offer more variation for colour and texture with specific cutdown and selective instrumentation

Original Mix
335767LU 03:05
Alt Mix 1 No Topline Guitar
335767LV 03:05
Alt Mix 2 Keyboards and Guitars
335767LW 03:05
Alt Mix 3 Drums Bass Rhythm Keys with Guitars
335768AM 03:05
Alt Mix 4 Drums Bass Rhythm Keys No Guitars
335768AN 03:05
Alt Mix 5 Keyboards
335768AP 03:05
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