Full of inventive and retro guitar solos, this piece is evocative, happy and full of energy. Underpinned by a great rhythm section and then brass, the verses and choruses flow into each other offering a joyful journey of retro, memorable lines. Something that you may have heard before, and yet totally new and original. There are also several great additional mixes that offer breakdowns and a variety of alternative textures and colours

Original Mix
337364FM 02:50
Alt Mix 1 Rhythm Mix No Topline Guitars
337364FN 02:50
Alt Mix 2 Guitars Bass and Drums
337364FP 02:50
Alt Mix 3 Keyboards Brass Bass Drums with Solos
337364FQ 02:50
Alt Mix 4 Keyboards Brass Bass Drums no Solos
337364FR 02:50
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