It’s Boogy time, of sorts, with this unrelenting shuffle groove that plays through the blues with reasonable predictability, then, surprisingly, turns into a relatively sweet Rockabilly section, which could easily be the verse of the piece. Reverting back to the in-yer-face blues with additional guitar solos, we switch from each section ending with a fine and energetic blues climax. Some wacky yet useful additional mixes are included that compliment the original mix and offer more textures and variations

Original Mix
341643BS 03:12
Alt Mix 1 Rhythm Section Mix
341643BT 03:12
Alt Mix 2 Keyboards Bass And Drums
341643BU 03:12
Alt Mix 3 Guitars Bass And Drums
341643BV 03:12
Alt Mix 4 Keyboards Bass And Guitars
341643BW 03:04
Alt Mix 5 Drums And Bass
341643CM 03:12
Alt Mix 6 Drum Tracks
341643CN 03:12
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