A Collection of ‘up close and personal’ songs written and produced by Jem Cooke and Dave Cooke. Part of the Papa Jem series, most of these are original and new to the catalogue. A couple were released on Jem’s album ‘Limited Edition’. They have since been remixed and remastered to provide not only better versions, but a larger selection of alternative mixes which include vocals and guitar, and other stripped down arrangements. Up close and personal is what they are, both here as original mixes and the various additional mixes found in the specific song title area.

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Original Mix
130204GP 02:49
Crack into My Heart
Original Mix
308517KR 04:05
Don’t Write A Song About Me
Original Mix
308517HU 04:14
That Boy
Original Mix
318211HS 02:50
Think About Love
Original Mix
308897AU 03:56
Tomorrow is Another Day
Original Mix
125030DP 03:14
Transient Chorus
Original Mix
314163GV 03:05
Twee As
Original Mix
318210HM 03:52
Won’t Let Go Live Acoustic
Original Mix
315621CS 04:04
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