A great song sung and written by Jem Cooke. A brilliant and current lyric that evokes a sense of aspiration and higher ground, thinking about love is something we should all keep close. A full on and marvellous eight additional mixes offer more choice and texture including a version without the lead vocal delay (which some may prefer) as well as acoustic versions and instrumentals.

Original Mix
308897AU 03:56
Alt Mix 1 Guitars and Vocals
308897AV 03:56
Alt Mix 2 Guitars Piano and Vocals straight
308897AW 03:56
Alt Mix 3 Full Mix Straight Vocals
308897BM 03:56
Alt Mix 4 Backing Track with Backing Vocals
308897BN 03:56
Alt Mix 5 Instrumental Track
308897BP 03:56
Alt Mix 6 Vocals Keys Drums and Bass
308897BQ 03:56
Alt Mix 7 Vocals straight Keys Drums and Bass
308897BR 03:56
Alt Mix 8 Guitars Vocals and Keyboards
308897BS 03:56
BPM: 85
Keys: Em
Signature: 4/4
Genre: Pop
Mood: Uplifting
Production: Entertainment
Style: Acoustic
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