A Collection of fine tracks featuring sax and other delicious woodwind instruments. Blown and beautifully executed by Mike ‘G’day’ Haughton and written and produced by Dave Cooke.
Most of these are original mixes but we’ve included one alternative mix as an example of variations and additions that relates to each original track. Check out all of the mixes provided simply by hitting the Forward arrow on any of the tracks. They are all very good!

Back Home Again
Original Mix
301172EQ 04:40
Blue News
Original Mix
302249GN 02:33
Brassed Monkeys
Alt Mix 5 Organ Mix with Brass and Sax Topline
302250DN 04:13
Conflict of Interest
Original Mix
301172HP 03:22
Gimme a Break Blues
Original Mix
301929BS 04:13
Jungle Basketcase
Original Mix
301929KM 04:30
Middle Winter
Original Mix
301172DU 03:15
Remembering When
Original Mix
308894KU 03:12
Views from Outside
Original Mix
302249BV 04:13
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