A Twelve bar Blues Groove, with Brass and Saxes, Big Baritone sax and Tenor Solos. More Plumbing than you’ll even need. Check out the amazing variety of Alternative mixes for some very colourful and different grooves. All under the same title, but with added information and separate Tunecodes for easy identification.

Original Mix
301929BS 04:13
Alt Mix 1 No Sax solo
301929BT 04:13
Alt Mix 2 No Brass
301929BU 04:13
Alt Mix 3 No Drums Keys and Guitars only
301929BV 04:13
Alt Mix 4 Drums Bass Guitar and Brass
301929BW 04:13
Alt Mix 5 Drums Bass Guitars and Brass with Sax solo
301929CM 04:13
Alt Mix 6 Organ and Drums
301929CN 04:13
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