The perfect Collection of tracks for training, running, energy building and generally getting up a sweat. Pace and endeavour prevail with this select choice which can be used for class or personal application and of course any scene or personal core training action. If you need to see any of these individual tracks simply click on the forward arrow that will take you to that track and the variations and alternative mixes provided. And we can always write to your specify brief should you want. Hit the bespoke link and follow the instructions there.

Composers: David Cooke
Acoustic Funkery Bunk
Original Mix
306509FN 03:20
Elemental Workout
Original Mix
389331FW 03:30
Fever Pitch
Original Mix
301172GQ 03:09
Funky Monkey
Original Mix
389331GU 03:24
Great Balls of String
Original Mix
323149GU 03:30
Groove for George
Original Mix
307250DQ 03:28
In The Zone
Original Mix
340607HT 02:19
Loopometer Magic
Original Mix
333596KQ 03:48
Muscle and Tussle
Original Mix
369155KV 08:02
Sequencer Battery
Original Mix
301172FN 04:05
Springbok Alert
Original Mix
314163HS 02:50
That Old School House
Original Mix
301172KM 04:05
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