A Collection of tracks written and played by the amazing Mike Haughton and Dave Cooke. Saxes and other versatile woodwind instruments provide various shades, styles and colours offering this excellent selection of tracks.
Not only do we like to use the original mix but this offers the opportunity to throw a few alternative mixes into the list for your consideration and enjoyment. For all the choices on any track simply hit the Forward arrow.

Acoustic Heart
Original Mix
301167LQ 03:52
After The Storm
Original Mix
301172DM 03:53
Analytical Funkster
Original Mix
301168DU 03:46
Anticipating Heaven
Original Mix
301168ER 03:16
Hefty Sax News
Original Mix
301168CR 03:23
Lullaby House
Original Mix
301167HT 03:44
Lullaby House
Alt Mix 6 Full Mix with Sax Topline
301167KP 03:44
Near and Far
Original Mix
300197BV 04:18
Shadowy Funk
Original Mix
301168FM 03:46
Original Mix
300197BT 04:15
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