Funky fusion jazz track with thematic riff and bright lazy groove. Unison riffs and a fine tenor sax solo. Retro, fusion, cheesy or perfect for that sunny driving scene. Seven additional mixes are also included each offering many variations and new textures.

Original Mix
300197BT 04:15
Alt Mix 1 No Sax Topline
299976AW 04:15
Alt Mix 2 No Sax or Brass
299976BM 04:15
Alt Mix 3 No Guitars with Sax Topline
300038FQ 04:15
Alt Mix 4 No Guitars No Sax Topline
300038FS 04:15
Alt Mix 5 Strange reduction mix
300038FT 04:15
Alt Mix 6 Guitars No Keys
300038FU 04:15
Alt Mix 7 Guitars Piano and Saxes
300038FV 04:15
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