A fine collection of tracks that centre around the drums and percussion. Some co-written with the wonderful and talented Terl Bryant, the initial inspiration for the majority of these tracks was the drum track. with a real and organic feel, these tracks breathe with energy and dynamics. Hard hitting in the original mixes, every track has an amazing choice of underscore and alternative instrumentation. Simply hit the forward arrow that will take you to the specific track and all its relevant mixes.

Composers: David Cooke
All About The Drums
Original Mix
321056LM 02:50
Cease Fire
Original Mix
418563CT 03:15
Dream Rider Blue
Original Mix
418563DN 03:16
Drumtracker Jig
Original Mix
437374KW 03:58
El Bruiser
Original Mix
418563CP 03:16
Elemental Workout
Original Mix
389331FW 03:30
Original Mix
432523GQ 03:25
Velvet Voyager
Original Mix
432523GU 03:39
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