An absolutely inspiring song, written and sung by Jem Cooke about one of her best friends. Assisted by a gorgeous nylon guitar and sensitive piano, the story weaves its way through the story with a fabulous string quartet adding some warmth and loveliness in the chorus. Underpinned in the bass department by a virtuoso upright bass, this song is complete, perfect and ready for action. Listen also to the six additional mixes that include a simple acoustic and vocal version, as well as various instrumentals, perfect for underscore and incidentals.

Original Mix
308517HU 04:14
Alt Mix 1 Vocals and Acoustic Guitar
308517HV 04:14
Alt Mix 2 Vocals Piano Strings and Bass
308517HW 04:14
Alt Mix 3 Piano Strings and Bass
308517KM 04:14
Alt Mix 4 Guitar Piano Strings and Bass
308517KN 04:14
Alt Mix 5 Full Mix Version 2
308517KP 04:14
Alt Mix 6 Instrumental 2
308517KQ 04:14
BPM: 122
Keys: C
Signature: 4/4
Production: Drama
Colour: Cream
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