A fine collection of tracks with either a flavour of Country or West End, Cityscape vibe or indeed, both. A nice colourful and eclectic selection that can fit many an application for TV and Film. If you need to explore further, click on the forward arrow that will take you to the specific track and all its variations. And of course, if you need anything more detailed we can always write for you a personal, bespoke, made-to-fit track.

Composers: David Cooke
Brexit Schmexit
Original Mix
302250LM 03:09
Country And West End
Original Mix
432523DS 03:54
Country Dance Toolbox
Original Mix
418563ER 01:57
Country Joes
Original Mix
301929GQ 04:00
Lightly On Location
Original Mix
390590CV 02:01
Shadows of Acoustic Onions
Original Mix
302248BU 03:26
Sympathy Slider
Original Mix
398879GM 04:03
ZZ Groove
Original Mix
398879GP 05:08
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