The Collection featuring country and outdoor themes. Written and produced by Dave Cooke, these masterful tracks capture the essence of all forms of country living and outdoor scenery in general. You can also discover more tracks by using the categories and select from the Moods, Genres, Styles or Productions. We’ve even included a colour chart so check out the Green tracks!

Back Home Again
Alt Mix 1 No sax
301172ER 04:40
Candlelight Padding
Original Mix
302247KW 04:11
Open Fields
Original Mix
301930AP 04:03
Out of Town
Original Mix
299976DT 04:00
Scenic Clouds
Original Mix
299976KV 03:21
Sky High
Original Mix
302247KS 04:10
Sun cream Saga
Original Mix
301929GV 04:59
Sunset Cocktails
Original Mix
301929LT 04:35
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