The New Bloggery from our locally grown Topline Music

I’m Dave Cooke, founder and principal contributor to Topline music library.

By way of a little background, as well as working on music commissions for TV, Radio, Film and Advertising, I have worked with several well known music production libraries. Over many years I’d had some success with a variety of tracks banging away around the world. Some of these tracks were relatively old but still produced a decent royalty return. I had however always questioned the basic principal of giving anyone a vast percentage of my copyright with no real guarantees of actually getting any of my music placed. So why not start my own catalogue? I had also been asked to submit some new material to a new music library who basically weren’t really that interested. In fact, they decided, in their creative wisdom, to accept only a few tracks and reject the rest, whilst demanding a whopping 50% of my copyright. So, hashtag ‘nothing should ever be wasted’, I decided to write a few tracks and compile material that I could licence directly to anyone out there who wanted to use them.

My original plan of action was to delve through the music archive to find tracks that were usable, available and free to use. But when it came to sorting through the backlog, I started writing new stuff instead, composing an extensive supply of material that I really liked and felt would work perfectly in the new Topline library.

I enrolled the assistance of several great chums who I knew would get what I was doing. Mike Haughton on Woodwind, Dan Bilborough on Percussion, Robbie Calvo on Guitars, Jem Cooke on Vocals, Graham Preskett on Violin and Strings, Matty Hay on Guitars and Slovenian Legend Andrej Sifrer on remixes and some fine archived material.

The songs, under the: ’Papa-Jem’ Collections are totally award winning.

We have a large selection of other Topline Collections (albums in old money) that categorise tracks in specific styles, productions and moods. These are also featured on Spotify and other streaming platforms as well as online stores.

Eventually we want to open the door wide to new writers and composers with a new structure that doesn’t involve anyone giving away large chunks of their copyright. But until then, we continue adding new material to Topline. There’s so much choice here and so many usable and easy to find categories.

Meanwhile enjoy Topline and have fun playing with the ever-growing selection of tracks as well as all the variations and additional mixes provided.

We want to make it easy to discover, listen and license music for any application. I think we’re getting there. I’ve also started some additional Blogs with Medium, which are not doubling up what’s here. So please enjoy this mind rambling info bloggery wherever you may find it.