A full on pop groove written and sung by Jem Cooke, with additional backing vocals woven expertly around the lead. A fun song with a great message and a fine selection of guitars and ukuleles in there too. There are sixteen whopping additional mixes provides each with their own different texture and mood, including instrumental versions and excellent cut downs.

Original Mix
307251CU 03:34
Alt Mix 1 Backing Track
307251CV 03:34
Alt Mix 2 Instrumental
307251CW 03:34
Alt Mix 3 Vocals and Guitars
307251DM 03:34
Alt Mix 4 Vocals Backing Vocals and Guitars
307251DN 03:34
Alt Mix 5 Vocals Guitars and Keyboards
307251DP 03:34
Alt Mix 6 Ukulele Guitars and Keyboards
307251DQ 03:34
Alt Mix 7 Ukulele Guitars Bass and Keyboards
307251DR 03:34
Alt Mix 8 Vocals Percussion Guitars and Bass
307251DS 03:34
Alt Mix 9 Percussion Guitars and Bass
307251DT 03:34
Alt Mix 10 Vocals Keyboards Drums and Bass
307251DU 03:34
Alt Mix 11 Keyboards Drums and Bass
307251DV 03:34
Alt Mix 12 Keyboards Drums and Guitars
307251DW 03:34
Alt Mix 13 Keyboards Drums Backing Vocals and Guitars
307251EM 03:34
Alt Mix 14 Vocals and Keyboards
307251EN 03:34
Alt Mix 15 Ukulele Vocals and Keyboards
307251EP 03:34
Alt Mix 16 Ukulele Vocals Keyboards and Percussion Loop
307251EQ 03:34
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