A gorgeous song sung and written by Jem Cooke. A perfectly arranged string quartet and beautifully executed nylon acoustic guitar journey through this evocative story of memories and friendship. There are five additional mixes that include instrumental versions as well as simple transparent mixes of vocals and acoustic guitar.

Original Mix
308115DW 03:43
Alt Mix 1 Acoustic Nylon String
308115EM 03:43
Alt Mix 2 Lead Vocal and Acoustic Nylon String
308115EN 03:43
Alt Mix 3 Instrumental Backing Track with Strings
308115EP 03:43
Alt Mix 4 Acoustic Guitar and Strings
308115EQ 03:43
Alt Mix 5 String Quartet 2nd Half
308115ER 02:00
BPM: 123
Keys: Em, D
Signature: 3/4
Genre: Songs
Mood: Beautiful
Production: Outdoor
Style: Dramatic
Colour: Cream
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