A Track full of influences; from the retro vintage elements to the swirling pads and chunky guitars here is something for everyone. A perfect atmospheric actuality or rock underscore, it would match the evocative road trip as well as memories from days gone by. Worth noting are the additional tracks that offer versions without guitars and keyboards with further underscore possibilities.

Original Mix
488425LM 03:45
Alt Mix 1 No Topline Guitars
488425LN 03:45
Alt Mix 2 All Guitars No Keyboards
488425LP 03:45
Alt Mix 3 Bass Drums And Keyboards
488425LQ 03:45
Alt Mix 4 Keyboards
488425LR 03:45
Alt Mix 5 Bass Drums And Rhythm Guitar
488425LS 03:45
Alt Mix 6 Topline Guitars and Keyboards
488425LT 03:45
Alt Mix 7 Guitars Sparse and Space
488425LU 03:45
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