An evocative country pop song that may have some Fleetwood Mac influences, but written as an original, amazingly performed by Jem Cooke, on both lead vocals and backing vocals. Optimistic and upbeat in both groove and lyrics, this, along with the creative and selective five additional mixes, would fit into so many media applications. If there’s anything here that you would like in addition to what you hear then let us know. We like this song; it a feel goody.

Original Mix
307250KP 03:46
Alt Mix 1 Full Mix 2
307250KQ 03:46
Alt Mix 2 Instrumental Mix
307250KR 03:46
Alt Mix 3 Vocals Guitars and Keyboards
307250KS 03:46
Alt Mix 4 Vocals Keys Drums and Bass
307250KT 03:46
Alt Mix 5 Keys Guitars with Banjo and Mandolin
307250KU 03:46
BPM: 112
Keys: D
Signature: 4/4
Genre: Songs
Mood: Glossy
Production: Documentary
Style: Country
Colour: Pink
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