A series of Eastern themes with ethnic and authentic Japanese gongs, flutes and other plucked instruments. Strange mixture of loops and blues influences and some old fashioned dramatic tension with gongs and splashes helping out where necessary. Various tempi and keys add to the atmospherics.

Original Mix
369155HM 04:37
Alt Mix Sting 1
369155HN 00:06
Alt Mix Harp Sting 2
369155HP 00:12
Alt Mix Hit 3
369155HQ 00:02
Alt Mix Round and Round 4
369155HR 00:10
Alt Mix Hit and Harp 5
369155HS 00:09
Alt Mix Comedy Round and Round 6
369155HT 00:23
Alt Mix Sting 7
369155HU 00:06
Alt Mix 8 Bells Flute and Strings
369155HV 00:14
Alt Mix Koto Sting 9
369155HW 00:08
Alt Mix Harp Steps 10
369155KM 00:07
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