A jolly little vamp and groove, off in six and then resolving to a straight 4 on the floor underscore. Inspired originally by the acoustic guitars that strum away in an unthreatening yet authoritative fashion. A token piano noodle midway through adds a touch of something or other, and a selection of additional mixes including acoustic guitars, keyboards, drum grooves and an original mix with warmer and different instrumentation.

Original Mix
324030HR 02:47
Alt Mix 1 Acoustic Guitars
324030HS 02:47
Alt Mix 2 Acoustic Guitars and Keyboards
324030HT 02:47
Alt Mix 3 Acoustic Guitars Bass and Drums
324030HU 02:47
Alt Mix 4 Keyboards and Pads
324030HV 02:47
Alt Mix 5 Keyboards Drums and Bass
324030HW 02:47
Alt Mix 6 Original Mix 2
324030KM 02:47
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