A double piano piece that starts out mirroring a random sequence and progresses into a jazz fusion groove. Drums and keyboards underpin with solo piano throwing in some fun Topline stuff. There are eight additional mixes on offer too, each giving different textures and choices and some interesting underscores.

Original Mix
308894FQ 02:29
Alt Mix 1 Piano And Keyboards
308894FR 02:29
Alt Mix 2 Piano Solo
308894FS 02:29
Alt Mix 3 Piano and Drum Loops
308894FT 02:29
Alt Mix 4 Piano Bass sequence and Drum Loops
308894FV 02:29
Alt Mix 5 Keyboards and Sequencers
308894FW 02:29
Alt Mix 6 Drums and Sequencers
308894GM 02:29
Alt Mix 7 Reduced Mix 1 No second Piano
308894GN 02:29
Alt Mix 8 Reduced Mix 2 No Riff Piano
308894GP 02:29
BPM: 115
Keys: Cm
Signature: 4/4
Composers: David Cooke
Genre: Jazz
Mood: Driving
Production: Documentary
Style: Acoustic
Colour: Orange
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