A gentle summer track featuring piano and strings with lovely acoustic underscore guitars. Perfect for the travel, searching, coming home theme. Check out the variations, different mixes and very different moods based on this track. We decided not to provide individual stems. Instead, we offer specific variations that will safe time and effort in providing for you the perfect track, or even the most original custom mix from all of the options. Call us if you’d like us to do this for you.

Original Mix
302248LT 02:41
Alt Mix 1 Keys Guitars and Pads
302248LU 02:41
Alt Mix 2 Keys Guitars and Pads no Bass
302248LV 02:41
Alt Mix 3 Piano and Guitar
302248LW 02:41
Alt Mix 4 Pads and Drums
302249AM 02:41
Alt Mix 5 Pads
302249AN 02:41
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