A series of happy and bouncy kid’s themes that offer many opportunities for dance, playtime, story readings and general children’s activities. The additional mixes are variations and cutdown from the original mix offering play-ins and play-outs as well as several perfect underscore options.

Original Mix
433376GQ 01:57
Alt Mix 1 Cutdown Version 1
433376GR 00:32
Alt Mix 2 Cutdown Version 2
433376GS 00:54
Alt Mix 3 Cutdown Version 3
433376GT 00:24
Alt Mix 4 Long Version 4
433376GU 02:38
Alt Mix 5 Cutdown Version 5
433376GV 00:26
Alt Mix 6 Cutdown Gentle Version 6
433376GW 00:23
Alt Mix 7 Cutdown Version 7
433376HM 00:38
Alt Mix 8 Cutdown Tempo Version 8
433376HN 00:32
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