A fine song with great vocals from Jem Cooke. This originally started out as an Instrumental called ‘Something Going On’ (PRS Tunecode 302248DU) and now has evolved into this great song. Brilliant lyric also written by Jem. There are five additional mixes available that offer lovely versions including vocals and acoustic guitars, and vocals, drums and bass. All amazing, useful and versatile.

Original Mix
307247HQ 03:56
Alt Mix 1 Band Mix
307247HR 03:56
Alt Mix 2 Acoustic Guitars Keys and Vocals
307247HS 03:56
Alt Mix 3 Guitars and Keys
307247HT 03:56
Alt Mix 4 Keys Vocals Drums and Bass
307247HU 03:56
Alt Mix 5 Vocals and Keys
307247HV 03:56
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